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How to choose the LCD replacement for your iPhone?

According to the smartphone replacements market, ZY is a quite popular brand in the phone repair store and many technicians would like to recommend this LCD to their customers. Today we will explain the benefits of choosing ZY in cell LCD.

Let us look at the iPhone X Model.

1,ZY in-cell LCD with 1:1 original resolution which means it won’t reduce the pixels. But the other brand LCD usually has lower resolution and looks not clear.

2, The side angle colour can stay the same not like the other brand which changes to be red.

3, ZY incell LCD does not have the etch lines and the frame and display screen are all in one black effect. As seeing in the picture below.

4, ZY incel LCD using the original material HD glass.

How to buy the ZY in-cell LCD at a great value?

Today we will recommend Digi4u Ltd. As digi4u get the products from the ZY manufacturer directly. So you can buy it at a competitive price and the quality is guaranteed. At the same time, Digi4u Ltd supports fast and free shipping within the UK, and every order is dispatched from their local warehouse from Cardiff, South Wales.

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MP⁺ OLED VS ZY In-cell LCD. What you need to know before fixing​ yo​ur iPhone X?

Same Points

1, Their original resolutions same: 1125×2436
2, All no etch lines, the frame, and the display screen are all in the one black effect. This is good, as the other LCD usually has this problem.

(However, since ZY in-cell LCD is still an LCD with a backlight panel, you still can see a faint light under a black background, while OLED is self-luminous which doesn’t have a backlight panel, so it can achieve “pure black” as the picture below.)

3, MP⁺ OLED and ZY In-cell LCD all have the parts of camera ring, ear mesh, sensor ring.

Different Points:

1, MP⁺ OLED is thinner then ZY In-cell LCD, Because there is no back light panel on it.

2, MP⁺ OLED uses less power than ZY In-cell LCD. Because each pixel of the OLED screen can emit light independently, and if it is not used, the pixel can be kept off. But when you use the ZY In-cell LCD, the entire backlight layer needs to be brightened.

3, MP⁺ OLED with the Cold Press Frame, no fading and could fit into the phone perfectly. ZY In-cell LCD doesn’t.

4,ZY In-cell LCD is much cheaper than MP⁺ OLED ( Our digi4u website supports better prices for the wholesale member, if you want to be our wholesale customer please register here)

Compere results:

1, MP⁺ OLED VS ZY In-cell LCD are all good quality, and they all have their own good points. If you want a cheaper one, ZY In-cell LCD will be a good choice. If you have high requirements for the display of the screen, please choose MP⁺ OLED.

2, They are all branded products and all have a 6-month warranty. So you can buy with confidence. Buy now.