Suction Cup Not Good Enough to Open iPhone 12 or iPhone 13? Try This!

Have you had trouble removing an iPhone screen from a phone from iPhone 12 series or iPhone 13 series using a suction cup? With this machine, it is no longer a problem, even for future models!

Automatic Intelligent Control Screen Removal 288

As we know that iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 screens sit all the way in the frame which makes it really hard to remove the screen with a suction cup. As you can see in the photo below, iPhone 11 Pro (Top) screen surface is a little bit higher than the frame while iPhone 13 Pro (Bottom) screen surface is at the same level as the top of the frame. You can mark the top of the frame by looking at the antenna. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro

Now we have the solution, to make opening those screens quicker and easier for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series.

This machine has a universal platform mould which fits a series of iPhones. No need to adjust the machine or buy different sets, just pop the phone in and it will be secured in place. The platform is 18cm long and 9cm wide which makes it suitable for any future iPhones as well. With heating sensors and smart chips, the frame provides constant and precise heating for the glue to loosen up without damaging the inside of the mobile phone. 

Universal Mould
Smart Heating

There are two suction cups equipped on the machine with strong vacuum power. While the bottom suction cup holds the phone in place, the top suction cup, the top suction up will stick to the screen and lift it up. The top cup is connected to an intelligent jacking and the jacking height can be controlled freely. This will help prevent the line from being damaged by lifting.

Bottom Suction Cup
Top Suction
Intelligent Controllable Jacking

Big LCD screen to show you the process in a very neat and clear way without any confusion. Three buttons make the operation easy and convenient. If you have a clear idea of what you want, you can also switch from automatic to manual to use the machine more to your own desire.

LCD Screen

After separating the screen, a simple button will pop the phone up to avoid touching any hot surface when taking the phone out.

Auto Pop

Here are some specifications about this machine:

NameAutomatic Intelligent Control Screen Removal
Product Size42*30*21 cm
Net Weight9.2 kg
Package Size48*38*30 cm
Gross Weight15 kg
Front View
Side View

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How to Stop iPhone 11/12/13 Series “ Genuine Display” Warning?

As you may be aware, that Apple is trying everything to make it hard for you to repair your iPhone at a more reasonable price. A warning of “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display” will appear when you repair your iPhone 11 and onwards models’ display screen yourself or at a regular phone repair shop using a third-party screen.

Non-genuine pop-up message that stays on the screen and in the system

As long as the screen is not replaced in the official Apple after-sales centre, this message will pop up, even if you use an original screen from another iPhone. Because each screen has a unique code on its IC and is linked with the motherboard. This warning message will appear when the system detects that the code doesn’t match. And it will appear on the lock screen for 4 consecutive days and exist in the system for 15 days. What’s interesting is that this warning will only appear on the iPhone with the final version of iOS 13.1, but neither iOS 13 nor iOS 13.1 beta version will have it.

There are two ways to solve this problem. The first one is asking for help from Apple’s official after-sales centre, but it will be expensive. The other effective way is to replace the IC. You can pull the IC off your original iPhone screen and install it on the screen replacement.

The concept sounds easy but there are lots of details to watch out for to avoid any unrecoverable damages. Firstly the IC on the new screen needs to be removed by grinding. A hot air gun is not a good option because the high temperature can easily damage the new screen. A grinding gun or grinding pen would be perfect (Click here to buy: MECHANIC IC Polishing Tools iRX6/Grinding pen for Mobile Chips Polishing 8 in 1) After removing the new IC, we can then remove the IC off the original screen. Since the screen is already faulty, a hot air gun can be used in this step to make the job nice and quick. After cleaning the old IC, which could be very time-consuming, the solder paste can then be applied. You will need a steel stencil (Click here to buy: Mechanic Planting Paste Steel Stencil UFO Series 10 in 1 for iPhone IC) for this job. Let the paste settle and then the IC can be applied to the new screen.

Mechanic Planting Paste Steel Stencil UFO Series 10 in 1 for iPhone IC)

You can check the video below for more details on how to do IC replacement.

Link Details for related tools

Mechanic Planting Paste Steel Stencil UFO Series 10 in 1 for iPhone IC –

MECHANIC IC Polishing Tools iRX6/Grinding pen for Mobile Chips Polishing 8 in 1 –

5 Must-Have Mobile Accessories Digi4U Offer You This Christmas

The top mobile gadgets for Christmas

Christmas is the season for giving, specifically gift-giving, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with different gift ideas. If you’re struggling to think of the perfect present for a hard-to-buy-for friend or relative this Christmas then look no further. We’ve assembled a shortlist of 5 must-have mobile accessories this Christmas… that won’t break your budget.

1. Phone cases

Smartphones are the most used devices on planet earth. For a device that you need to use almost every day, you’d want to ensure it is safely shielded from dust, scratches, and drops that could shorten its lifespan. Choosing a mobile phone case is a very personal decision, you can take a look through our range of collections and see what catches your fancy.

2. Tempered screen protector

Whether or not you’ve got a case, a screen protector is an excellent choice. It adds much-needed protection to the weakest part of your phone, preventing costly scratches and helping to keep your screen from shattering. There is a range of screen protectors available, but we particularly like ones made from tempered glass. These are easier to install, and they last far longer too. 

3. Wireless headphones Speaker

Wireless headphones allow users to freely do their work because they are hands-free, giving them the ultimate and reliable mobility. With wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about earbuds that often fall out or get entangled in your clothes.

4. Wireless charger

A wireless charger allows you to store electrical energy which you can later on use to charge your smartphone when it’s drained. Wireless car chargers are smartphone accessories that have become so popular of late because of their ability to save your phone’s battery life. To effectively use them, you need to charge them first, without doing this they are as good as nothing.

5. Smartphone holder

Phone Holders protect your phone from dropping and the ones made for cars can protect your phone from falling while the car is moving. They are a great way to protect your expensive smartphone from falling. With today’s modern software and a reliable internet connection, smartphones are used as navigators, dashcams, and even TV sets, just that the grips of each of the holders are different. 

Wrapping up

Thanks for checking out this buyer’s guide — I hope it proved useful.

How to choose the LCD replacement for your iPhone?

According to the smartphone replacements market, ZY is a quite popular brand in the phone repair store and many technicians would like to recommend this LCD to their customers. Today we will explain the benefits of choosing ZY in cell LCD.

Let us look at the iPhone X Model.

1,ZY in-cell LCD with 1:1 original resolution which means it won’t reduce the pixels. But the other brand LCD usually has lower resolution and looks not clear.

2, The side angle colour can stay the same not like the other brand which changes to be red.

3, ZY incell LCD does not have the etch lines and the frame and display screen are all in one black effect. As seeing in the picture below.

4, ZY incel LCD using the original material HD glass.

How to buy the ZY in-cell LCD at a great value?

Today we will recommend Digi4u Ltd. As digi4u get the products from the ZY manufacturer directly. So you can buy it at a competitive price and the quality is guaranteed. At the same time, Digi4u Ltd supports fast and free shipping within the UK, and every order is dispatched from their local warehouse from Cardiff, South Wales.

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MP⁺ OLED VS ZY In-cell LCD. What you need to know before fixing​ yo​ur iPhone X?

Same Points

1, Their original resolutions same: 1125×2436
2, All no etch lines, the frame, and the display screen are all in the one black effect. This is good, as the other LCD usually has this problem.

(However, since ZY in-cell LCD is still an LCD with a backlight panel, you still can see a faint light under a black background, while OLED is self-luminous which doesn’t have a backlight panel, so it can achieve “pure black” as the picture below.)

3, MP⁺ OLED and ZY In-cell LCD all have the parts of camera ring, ear mesh, sensor ring.

Different Points:

1, MP⁺ OLED is thinner then ZY In-cell LCD, Because there is no back light panel on it.

2, MP⁺ OLED uses less power than ZY In-cell LCD. Because each pixel of the OLED screen can emit light independently, and if it is not used, the pixel can be kept off. But when you use the ZY In-cell LCD, the entire backlight layer needs to be brightened.

3, MP⁺ OLED with the Cold Press Frame, no fading and could fit into the phone perfectly. ZY In-cell LCD doesn’t.

4,ZY In-cell LCD is much cheaper than MP⁺ OLED ( Our digi4u website supports better prices for the wholesale member, if you want to be our wholesale customer please register here)

Compere results:

1, MP⁺ OLED VS ZY In-cell LCD are all good quality, and they all have their own good points. If you want a cheaper one, ZY In-cell LCD will be a good choice. If you have high requirements for the display of the screen, please choose MP⁺ OLED.

2, They are all branded products and all have a 6-month warranty. So you can buy with confidence. Buy now.

Auto switch-off cable with Baseus Encok Neck Hung Bluetooth Earphone S16 Red

– Comfort for wearing:
– Fashionable & colorful: Typical and stylish color scheme of earphone
– Light & handy: Light and handy, music is enjoyable at any time and anywhere.
– Hand-free and more convenient to use.
– Suitable for ears / Simple & Elegant keyboard design / High fidelity acoustic perfect

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TBK Fume Extractor Laser Soldering Smoke Purify Machine Air Purifier Absorber

This is our new product, TBK Fume Extractor Laser Soldering Smoke Purify Machine Air Purifier Absorber. It is specially designed to remove the smoke during maintenance. It can be used with laser machines.

The pipe can realize 360 ° which makes your mobile phone repair work more convenient.

Digi4u supports a more competitive price for the customers, and we also have dedicated technicians to help you solve problems when you use it. 

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