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Auto switch-off cable with overcharge protection. The safest way to charge your phone, coming very soon to the UK!

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco in late 2016, people have been worrying more and more about the safety of the batteries in their devices, before this happened and brought this issue into the public conscious most of the general gadget using community only worried about decreasing battery life from prolonged use. Now safely charging your device is now at the forefront in the minds of the general public.

It seems these issues have come with the changeover to Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) Batteries from straight Lithium Batteries and also the increased Ampage being pushed to the latest devices on the market through the use of Type C technology. The battery life/capacity has sharply increased; and charging time decreased, but of course that comes with its own risks. One being that the average battery in your device is far more volatile when a fault occurs than it used to be, and with the increased amps a fault has become far more likely (Case in point sees what happened with the global recall of the Note 7 or the mass panic that occurred around the self balancing scooter/hover board)

With everybody trying to get the most out of their batteries and also keep the space they take up in the device to a minimum this is not an issue that will be going away anytime soon, and one of the main concerns we hear with our latest gadgets are always the same; “We don’t want to leave it charging overnight in case it catches fire.” however now it seems that charging technology is starting to catch up with the release of Overcharge protecting Auto-Switch-off Cables.

With the use of these cables you can put your phone on charge over night without that worry. These cables charge your device safely and effectively, indicated by a slow pulsing LED on the end of the cable. Once it reaches the 100% fully charged level the cable and LED indicator automatically switches off and stops the current flow. This means no risk of overcharge; which both prolongs the life of your battery and also eliminates the chance of an overcharge battery failure which would lead to a battery swell and eventually a violent Li-Po fire. These cables are truly the future of charging technology and you can get on the forefront of it today for the same price as a decent generic cable on the market.

Once you use them, you won’t go back to your old cables.QQ_20160811123324_2000x