Month: April 2014

REVIEW: RC VFO 4 Channel Radio Propeller Helicopter


This great toy lets you fly this UFO like a helicopter with a remote control up to 150 metres.


This versatile flyer can fly forwards and backwards, turning left and right as well as being able to travel up and down and even flip over 360 degrees inverting the controls. The super durable EPP material means the helicopter can handle a knock or two!


Complete with a rechargeable Li-po battery that charges in about 90 mins to offer 5-6 mins of flight. The VFO comes in black and white or black and blue.


REVIEW of Dancing Water LED Light Speakers


These speakers double up as an amazing visual centre piece connecting to you audio device via USB or audio cable.


Watch the water bounce to the beat of your music. This stunning effect is enhanced by 4 coloured LEDs which elegantly illuminates the dancing water.


These speakers are powered either by USB or mains supply and would accompany a laptop perfectly. The speakers come fully sealed with water inside so are completely safe around electronic equipment.


These speakers deliver superior sound and high volume and even offer a non-crack-noise reduction function.  They connect to any audio device via 35mm audio cable.

REVIEW of I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

bluetooth wireless music

With the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver you can play music from your Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile or audio device wirelessly up to 10 metres away.

Simply plug your Bluetooth music receiver into any set of speakers using a 3.5mm audio jack to instantly upgrade them to Bluetooth wireless speakers. This gadget is fantastic for allowing your portable device to remain portable around the house whilst you can send music to you hi fi system without the restriction of cables.

The very simplistic device features an indicator light which glows blue to show when you have successfully connected via Bluetooth, it also features a 3.5 mm jack output which allows you to connect to most speakers with a common 3.5 audio jack cable. The device can be recharged via USB offering up to 6 hours of listening time and lasts 140 hours on standbye.


How to use the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

1)      Switch the device on, the LED should flicker between red and blue until the device enters pairing mode.

2)      In pairing mode, use any portable music device with Bluetooth A2DP functionality to search for a new Bluetooth device, the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver will show up as SF-LY001. Connect with this device, it will ask for a password, the default password for this device is 0000.

3)      After successfully pairing the devices the LED should turn from red to a slow flickering blue light. This indicated the devices are connected and you are ready to start playing music through the player.

4)      To change to a different portable music device you must first disconnect the current device before connecting with the new device.

5)      It is recommended to disconnect the device whilst charging.

6)      To play the device through speakers, you simply need a standard 3.5 mm jack from the device output to a speaker’s audio/line in.