Auto switch-off cable with overcharge protection. The safest way to charge your phone, coming very soon to the UK!

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco in late 2016, people have been worrying more and more about the safety of the batteries in their devices, before this happened and brought this issue into the public conscious most of the general gadget using community only worried about decreasing battery life from prolonged use. Now safely charging your device is now at the forefront in the minds of the general public.

It seems these issues have come with the changeover to Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) Batteries from straight Lithium Batteries and also the increased Ampage being pushed to the latest devices on the market through the use of Type C technology. The battery life/capacity has sharply increased; and charging time decreased, but of course that comes with its own risks. One being that the average battery in your device is far more volatile when a fault occurs than it used to be, and with the increased amps a fault has become far more likely (Case in point sees what happened with the global recall of the Note 7 or the mass panic that occurred around the self balancing scooter/hover board)

With everybody trying to get the most out of their batteries and also keep the space they take up in the device to a minimum this is not an issue that will be going away anytime soon, and one of the main concerns we hear with our latest gadgets are always the same; “We don’t want to leave it charging overnight in case it catches fire.” however now it seems that charging technology is starting to catch up with the release of Overcharge protecting Auto-Switch-off Cables.

With the use of these cables you can put your phone on charge over night without that worry. These cables charge your device safely and effectively, indicated by a slow pulsing LED on the end of the cable. Once it reaches the 100% fully charged level the cable and LED indicator automatically switches off and stops the current flow. This means no risk of overcharge; which both prolongs the life of your battery and also eliminates the chance of an overcharge battery failure which would lead to a battery swell and eventually a violent Li-Po fire. These cables are truly the future of charging technology and you can get on the forefront of it today for the same price as a decent generic cable on the market.

Once you use them, you won’t go back to your old cables.QQ_20160811123324_2000x

Digi4u HD 720P Dual Lens Remote Controlled Car Camera/ DVR


With so many nifty in-car surveillance kits on the market it can be hard to choose a model that will take care of all your travel record needs, but we have made the choice an easy one with the release of the DG-OT14202 model. Comprising cutting edge technology with stylish design, we have created a DVR that is compatible with all vehicle types, is easy to set up, simple to use and it won’t cost you a packet. At Digi4u we know that not all our customers are interested in the tech behind the device, that’s why we have created a device that is simple to operate and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Packed with a whole range of innovative functions the DG-0T14202 is the perfect car camera for reliable, clear footage, allowing you to document all your vehicle journeys. At Digi4u we pride ourselves on designing quality products, and this model is one of our most exciting releases yet. The DG-OT14202 packs a big punch for a small piece of kit. It has video function, photo function; playback, short key function, PC camera function and a load more impressive tricks up its sleeve. In short, it is a great all-round DVR, at just £44.99 the Digi4u dual lens remote controlled DVR is a bargain, rivalling far more expensive vehicle recording devices. So if you are on the look-out for a car video recorder then look no further, Digi4u has it covered.

So what do you get for your money? Here’s a list of all the gear included in the DG-OT14202.


  • Digital video recorder
  • External camera
  • Remote control
  • In-car charger/adapter
  • USB cable
  • Paste bracket
  • Suction cup bracket


  • Samsung 4 AW high resolution sensor
  • Crash sensor
  • Front camera video resolution: H.264 MOV HD

1280 x 720 Pixels 30 fps/sec

  • Rear camera video resolution: H.264 MOV D1

720 x 480 Pixels 30 fps/sec

  • JPEG still image storage
  • Image resolution HD 2048 x 1536
  • 120 degree front viewing angle
  • 2 hours recording time
  • Seamless recording
  • 2.0 USB interface

The Digi4u HD 720P Dual Lens Remote Controlled DVR can be ordered here.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Free your hands and enjoy the wireless communication!


This newly designed high-class stereo headphone has a built-in ISSC BM81SPK01 Bluetooth module for an ultrahigh data transmission rate and distance. You don’t have the fuss and worry of tangled cables and its foldable design allows you to store it away with ease.
It is compatible with Mic for Iphone Ipad and Samsung and the built-in lithium polymer battery provides more than 10 hours’ working time.
The headphones have soft PU ear-muffs to assure comfortable wear. All buttons are designed with LED lights and a built-in high sensitive microphone for a clear talking.

Main Functions:

  •  BluetoothV3.0+EDR Stereo headphone.
  • Use audio cable with mic(optional)connecting with computer can enjoy music or online chat with your friends.
  • Use audio cable with mic(optional)connecting with your mobile you can enjoy the music or talk to others using your mobile phone.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Bluetooth Headset.
  • 1x USB Charing Cable.
  • 1x Retail Package.

REVIEW: RC VFO 4 Channel Radio Propeller Helicopter


This great toy lets you fly this UFO like a helicopter with a remote control up to 150 metres.


This versatile flyer can fly forwards and backwards, turning left and right as well as being able to travel up and down and even flip over 360 degrees inverting the controls. The super durable EPP material means the helicopter can handle a knock or two!


Complete with a rechargeable Li-po battery that charges in about 90 mins to offer 5-6 mins of flight. The VFO comes in black and white or black and blue.


REVIEW of Dancing Water LED Light Speakers


These speakers double up as an amazing visual centre piece connecting to you audio device via USB or audio cable.


Watch the water bounce to the beat of your music. This stunning effect is enhanced by 4 coloured LEDs which elegantly illuminates the dancing water.


These speakers are powered either by USB or mains supply and would accompany a laptop perfectly. The speakers come fully sealed with water inside so are completely safe around electronic equipment.


These speakers deliver superior sound and high volume and even offer a non-crack-noise reduction function.  They connect to any audio device via 35mm audio cable.

REVIEW of I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

bluetooth wireless music

With the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver you can play music from your Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile or audio device wirelessly up to 10 metres away.

Simply plug your Bluetooth music receiver into any set of speakers using a 3.5mm audio jack to instantly upgrade them to Bluetooth wireless speakers. This gadget is fantastic for allowing your portable device to remain portable around the house whilst you can send music to you hi fi system without the restriction of cables.

The very simplistic device features an indicator light which glows blue to show when you have successfully connected via Bluetooth, it also features a 3.5 mm jack output which allows you to connect to most speakers with a common 3.5 audio jack cable. The device can be recharged via USB offering up to 6 hours of listening time and lasts 140 hours on standbye.


How to use the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

1)      Switch the device on, the LED should flicker between red and blue until the device enters pairing mode.

2)      In pairing mode, use any portable music device with Bluetooth A2DP functionality to search for a new Bluetooth device, the I-Wave Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver will show up as SF-LY001. Connect with this device, it will ask for a password, the default password for this device is 0000.

3)      After successfully pairing the devices the LED should turn from red to a slow flickering blue light. This indicated the devices are connected and you are ready to start playing music through the player.

4)      To change to a different portable music device you must first disconnect the current device before connecting with the new device.

5)      It is recommended to disconnect the device whilst charging.

6)      To play the device through speakers, you simply need a standard 3.5 mm jack from the device output to a speaker’s audio/line in.